Trainings for Lawyers

The main aim of the Academy of Legal Solutions is to increase the legal culture and improve the legal technique. Our team is ready to share experiences and knowledges.

If you are not satisfied with the work of the legal department or if you want to change the approach to the business, please contact us. Our specialists with fundamental education and many years of practical experience will help you to improve the activity in the field of jurisprudence.

Our services:

  • we will advise you on the possible ways of organizing a legal department or attracting lawyers;
  • we will make a detailed report with an indication of the merits, shortcomings and potential costs of maintaining a legal department or legal outsourcing;
  • draw up a report on the existing problems in the work of lawyers and how to solve them;
  • if necessary, we will conduct trainings for your lawyers. Training topics range from the organization of office work to the specifics of the use of individual acts.

Academy of Legal Solutions will find a solution for your business!