The purpose of the restructuring is the internal transformation of the company for its most effective functioning and productive development. Before restructuring, it is necessary to evaluate the activities of the organization from a financial and legal point of view, to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Due diligence

Conducting a comprehensive Due Diligence procedure allows you to fully and objectively assess the state of the business and prepare a strategy for its development and preservation.

During due diligence we:

  • conduct an audit of financial statements and legal audit;
  • estimate the solvency of the company;
  • form the register of creditors and court cases;
  • make a plan for further development taking into account the leveling of existing problems;
  • develop a business development plan.

Crisis management

Crisis management is necessary to optimize the organization.

In the course of crisis management we:

  • optimize corporate structure and business processes;
  • collect receivables;
  • negotiating with creditors to resolve disputes;
  • carry out debt restructuring;
  • return illegally withdrawn assets;
  • attract investment in business development.

Realization of property

Realization of the property is aimed at satisfying the claims of creditors and paying off debts.

During the sale of property:

  • we estimate the general property status of the company;
  • find buyers;
  • we prepare the necessary package of documents;
  • we control the process of the transaction, its legality and respect for the interests of the client (legal support of transactions).