Contractor’s indebtedness under the contract is perhaps the most frequent reason for appealing to the courts. And sometimes a simple debt turns into a problem one — one that is difficult to recover for one reason or another. This may be due to bad faith of the counterparty, lack of funds or other reasons.

Pre-trial stage

Before applying to the courts, it is necessary to conduct thorough pre-trial preparation and debt verification.

Such verification includes:

  • drawing up a list of debtors;
  • drawing up a list of trials, indicating the parties, the amount of the claim and the judicial acts issued in the case;
  • development of a step-by-step plan for collection of problem debts (calculation of terms of collection, potential costs, risks of impossibility of recovery).

Representation in court

If the pre-trial debt recovery measures have not brought results, then it is time to go to court.

In this case, our lawyers will prepare a claim with the application and represent your interests at the court hearing. And if necessary, appeal, cassation and supervisory complaints will be filed against the decision of the court of first instance and will represent your interests in the relevant courts, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

Executive proceedings

Just getting a decision on collecting money is not enough. Executive production - this is the mechanism that allows you to receive the awarded money. In 2017, out of 86,246,531 enforcement proceedings, 33,691,644 were terminated and terminated due to actual execution, of which 17,746,348 were discontinued due to voluntary execution by the debtor, which represents 20% of the total number of cases.

In other cases, a long and complex procedure for the execution of a court decision.

Lawyers of the Academy of Legal Solutions will provide written and oral consultations on issues of enforcement proceedings, will talk in detail about the procedure and about each stage. We will also prepare all the procedural documents necessary for the commencement of proceedings, represent your interests in the bailiff service and in court.

Samples of applications for issuance of a writ of execution, the commencement of enforcement proceedings, revocation of a writ of execution, and other documents can be downloaded from our website.