Legal oddities of the day

American legal oddities

Lawyers around the world consider the United States of America the focus of ridiculous laws. Most of them are of origin many decades ago, when lawmakers were forced to make the appropriate amendments to protect respectable citizens from all sorts of legal loopholes. Nevertheless, there are several dozens of organizations that are fighting for the abolition of dumb laws ("stupid laws"), as they are called here.

The leaders in such "stupid laws" remain California and Indiana.

California. In California, animals are forbidden to mate closer than 500 m from schools, churches and catering. There your car can move without a driver - 60 mph.

You will not be able to wear cowboy boots if you do not own at least two cows. Also, you will not be allowed to cry while testifying in court; licking toads and frogs, as well as washing cars with underwear in use.

Indiana. According to Indiana laws, you cannot take a bath from October to March, sell a car on Sunday, change the color of birds and rabbits, sell milk at a liquor store, wear a mustache, if you are prone to frequent kisses, eat watermelons in public parks, use standing alcoholic beverages in restaurants and bars.

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