Cryonics is a preservation technology in a state of deep cooling (“cryopreservation”, “cryopreservation”) of people and animals in the hope that in the future they will be able to be revived and cured if necessary. Sometimes cryopreservation is applied only to the head or brain of the organism to be preserved.

Although cryonics does not have widespread popularity, the number of clients of cryofirms is gradually increasing. The cryonization procedure is absolutely legal and is regulated by relevant acts, but at the same time there are also bans on cryonics, for example, the state of Colorado in the United States, British Columbia in Canada, and also in France. In the United States, there were several trials that ultimately played a positive role in the further development of cryonics companies. At the moment there are 5 cryonics firms registered in the world that have their own vaults. One of such companies is located in Russia - KrioRus.

As of April 1, 2011, 1,832 people are clients of cryofirms in the United States, 206 people have already been cryonized. According to the company KrioRus, on September 13, 2017, 54 people and 21 animals were cryonized in the Russian Federation.

The Russian cryonics company KrioRus LLC is engaged in research and development, insurance and provision of other types of services related to cryonization, including cryogenic freezing of the entire human body, neuro-preservation (preservation of the brain), cryonization of animals, as well as the preservation of human and animal DNA. KrioRus conducts research in two of its own laboratories - in Moscow and Voronezh.

When clients work with KrioRus, they sign an agreement to conduct a scientific experiment on the preservation and revitalization of a person, and at the same time KrioRus requires the customer to recognize that the performer does not give guarantees on the revival of the cryopatient. The contract provides for the storage of bodies for 100 years with the possibility of prolongation of 25 years in case defrosting technologies are not reached by this time. The main legal act regulating relations in the field of cryopreservation in the Russian Federation is the Federal Law of November 21, 2011 No.323 “On the Principles of Citizen Health Protection in the Russian Federation”.

Although the cryonics company operates for commercial purposes, according to the Charter, the main goal is research and development. The idea of cryonization is based on the development of science and medicine in the future at a sufficient level so that the revitalization of cryopatients becomes possible. However, the development of science in the future may have the opposite effect if it is proved that it is impossible to restore the mind of a deceased person so that he remains with the same person (character, behavior, memory, etc.). In this case, there is a risk of a state ban on such activities, as well as numerous lawsuits from the heirs of cryopatients to return the contract amount, damages, etc.